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Panasonic Split AC Error Codes / Kode Error AC Panasonic

How to check panasonic aircond error code?
How to reset panasonic air  conditioner?
Panasonic Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

H00 No Abnormality DetectedH11 Indoor/Outdoor Abnormal CommunicationH12 Indoor/Outdoor Capacity Rank jH14 Indoor Intake Air Temperature Sensor AbnormalityH15 Outdoor Compressor Temperature Sensor > AbnormalityH16 Outdoor Current Transformer (CT) Open CircuitH19 Indoor Fan Motor -DC Motor Mechanism> LockedH21 Float Switch Continuous Open Circuit AbnormalityH23 Indoor Pipe Temperature Sensor 1 (bottom) AbnormalityH24 Indoor Pipe Temperature Sensor 2 (upper > AbnormalituH25 Nanoe- AbnormalityH27 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor AbnormalityH28 Outdoor Condenser Pipe Temperature Sensor 1 (upper) AbnormalityH30 Outdoor Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor AbnormalityH32 Outdoor Condenser Pipe Temperature Sensor 2 (lower de-frost) AbnormalityH33 Unspeci-fied Voltage between Indoor and OutdoorH34 Outdoor PCB's IPM Heat Sink Temperature> Sensor Abnormali…

Error code AC Panasonic F15-01

Cassette, Split Duct, Central, VRV Drain water level floating switch abnormality Read to: Panasonic split ac error codes
Malfunction Decision Conditions 1. When water level is not on the rise.
2. When floating switch is turned OFF.

Malfunction Caused
1. Faulty indoor unit PCB
2. Faulty drain motor.
3. Floating switch
4. CN-TH2 pin 1 or 2 disconnected
5. Drain hose clogged

For safety reason and to prevent component breakdown, always switch off the power before remove and connect the component