Panasonic Split AC Error Codes / Kode Error AC Panasonic

How to check panasonic aircond error code?
How to reset panasonic air  conditioner?

Panasonic Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Error code ac panasonic split
  • H00 No Abnormality Detected
  • H11 Indoor/Outdoor Abnormal Communication
  • H12 Indoor/Outdoor Capacity Rank j
  • H14 Indoor Intake Air Temperature Sensor Abnormality
  • H15 Outdoor Compressor Temperature Sensor > Abnormality
  • H16 Outdoor Current Transformer (CT) Open Circuit
  • H19 Indoor Fan Motor -DC Motor Mechanism> Locked
  • H21 Float Switch Continuous Open Circuit Abnormality
  • H23 Indoor Pipe Temperature Sensor 1 (bottom) Abnormality
  • H24 Indoor Pipe Temperature Sensor 2 (upper > Abnormalitu
  • H25 Nanoe- Abnormality
  • H27 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor Abnormality
  • H28 Outdoor Condenser Pipe Temperature Sensor 1 (upper) Abnormality
  • H30 Outdoor Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor Abnormality
  • H32 Outdoor Condenser Pipe Temperature Sensor 2 (lower de-frost) Abnormality
  • H33 Unspeci-fied Voltage between Indoor and Outdoor
  • H34 Outdoor PCB's IPM Heat Sink Temperature> Sensor Abnormality
  • H35 Drainage or Drain Pump Abnormality
  • H36 Outdoor Gas Pipe Temperature Sensor Abnormality
  • H37 Outdoor Liquid Pipe Temperature Sensor X Abnormality
  • H38 Model Code Mismatch
  • H39 Abnormal Standby Indoor Unit in Multi System
  • H41 Abnormal Indoor Unit in Multi System
  • H58 Patrol Gas Sensor Abnormality
  • H59 Human Activity Sensor Abnormality
  • H64 High Pressure Switch Abnormality
  • H70 Light Sensor Abnormality
  • H97 Outdoor Fan Motor (Type 1) DC Motor > Mechanism Locked
  • H97 Outdoor Fan Motor (Type 2 & Type 3) DC> Motor Mechanism Locked
  • H98 Indoor High Pressure Protection
  • H9C Indoor unit Freeze Prevention Protection
  • F11 4-way Valve Switching Failure
  • F17 Indoor Standby Unit Freezing (Multi System)
  • F90 Power Factor Correction Protection (PFC)
  • F91 Refrigeration Cycle Abnormality
  • F94 Outdoor Compressor Discharge Pressure Overshoot Protection
  • F95 Cooling High Pressure Abnormality
  • F96 IPM (Power Transistor) Overheating
  • F97 Compressor Overheating
  • F98 Input Over Current Detection (Current Transformer)
  • F99 DC Peak Current Detection

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